5 Smart Tips For Trading Part-Time

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My name is Paul Singh and I am a part-time swing trader with a day job. I have been trading and researching market strategies for over a decade. The following five tips helped turbo charge bread and butter trading options portfolio and reach my trading goals. My hope is that they will do the same for you.

Swing trade your way to profits — Swing traders hold stocks anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on trading strategies and market conditions. Successful traders rely on bread and butter strategies to maximize their profit potential. My toolbox of strategies include break out-pullback, trend pullback and post earnings trades, to name a few. My quest to become an expert in these strategies has lead me to know the details of these trades better than I know the back of my own hand.

Build a strong watchlist — Watchlist development is the key to successfully trading part-time. Identify entry and exit points for primary watchlist stocks — When picking stocks for the bread and butter trading options watchlist, write down the price that would get you to enter the stock, best us based binary options brokers the expected target and stop-out prices.

Base these prices on your bread and butter strategies. Most important, figure out how much you are willing to lose and mark this as your stop-out level. Let your target and stop levels do the work — Once you have entered a trade, there is an overwhelming temptation to continually eyeball your positions. This can lead to over trading, which can be detrimental to the swing trader trying to hit that sweet spot.

For this reason, my advice to the part-time trader is to turn off the quote feed once the trade is made. With risk analysis and bread and butter trading options stop loss order in bread and butter trading options, the probability of a disastrous loss to your portfolio is minimal. So sit back and relax. Or better yet, focus on your day job! Following these 5 smart trading tips will do wonders for your portfolio, evolution as a trader, and ability to manage time and stress levels.

In future posts I will dig deeper into the intricacies of trading with these tips and detail what it takes to be a successful swing trader. You can also reach him on Twitter, PaulJSingh. Enter your email address.

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