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Out of many tools that Google provides, Google Finance is considered to be one important tool for all investors and brokers.

This service provides wealth of information about all companies. It provides vital information like live stock price, highest and lowest, percent of change in prices. But in order to get hold of the information you have to be online and logged into your account.

The limit of only three companies at maximum is because of the message length restriction imposed by Google. In case you need Email notifications too, do let me know in comment section, I will let you know how to enable it. Below are instructions on how to get started. You can follow the instructions available at linking your mobile with Google Calendar for SMS notification from our previous article.

Once done continue to next step. Now click the continue button from the pop up then click Accept. The app is ready now. Copy the generated URL and paste it in the address bar and hit enter. You can bookmark it for easy access. If you were previously using the old version of the script make sure you disable it by clicking stop alerts from it. You can find symbol of any company of your interest by visiting Google Finance and searching with company name.

Copy that symbol and paste into the tool. You might also like: Enter at least one symbol Ticker Symbol 1 is mandatory. So, did you like the tool? Did it what are options trading hours of london stock exchange gdrive for you? Have any features to suggest? Feel free to drop in with your views.

I have tried your code it does work but only for US stock. Hav a loo at jstock at http: Thanks for your comment. But the tool works regardless of any country. I was just typing in the stock ticker without LON: What about answer to my other question? Have a loo at jstock at http: As far only three stocks what are options trading hours of london stock exchange gdrive it is due to message length restriction imposed by Google Calendar.

Not interested in hourly updates but am interested in regular updates maybe twice a day. I noticed on around line 74 the code is written for triggers everyHours 1. After publishing, web page still shows updates every hour. Should be able to change this to any number or even daily updates once a day. One other thing is around line under creating event. I assume this is when the sms text is created and sent, what is the number. What does stand for in real time. Can this be altered to maybe grab a price quote at a specific time of day and then generate an sms alert shortly thereafter?

May have figured it out. On copied file version, edited html script line to … notifications every 6 hours. Not sure if this is right but will try. At least the web page looks correct now. If this works, will tailor to what I need. Second question from above. In other words, does the code generate the sms message 30 seconds after reaching this step in the code?

Receive a quote daily from XYZ stock, 30 minutes after the opening bell. I have gone through and edited the code slightly in hopes of achieving a different style. However I hit a speed bump. On lines I changed to be: I assumed that starting at Do you have a possible solution? I set it up for 3 Indian stocks less than an hour ago, and have already received my first SMS alert. You are a genius. Please keep me updated on your future projects. You are most welcome.

Thanks for those words! Do share this article on social networks if you found it useful. Can we put some conditions on stocks cross some value, then we should get the alert.

But that would require some customization for what are options trading hours of london stock exchange gdrive you can request for support here: Hi SS, Thanks for what are options trading hours of london stock exchange gdrive tool. I am interesting in getting email alerts than SMS. What modifications are required to create email alert tool?

You need not worry about that. Please refer this comment: Instead of getting SMS alerts every 1 hour m getting it every 6 hours, while event created in my calendar every 1 hour. What is the issue? Instead of getting SMS alerts on every 1 hour, I am getting SMS alerts on every hours, while event is created in my calendar every 1 hour, where is the problem, please check and inform about any possible solution. Please tell me the code for the we can put some user defind name instead Symbol in sms code so it can send little more stocks in a sms which we can input when adding symbols.

Thank you for providing such wonderful app. I have one query…after installing the project in my drive, and configuring 3 stocks of my choice, I am able to receive SMS every hour. After market has closed at 3: Is there any way to have these alerts ONLY in market hours?

Else it will soon start to become annoying and one will be forced to stop using such a wonderful app. Is the market closing time averagely same across various countries? If so I will update the app with a generic solution. Has the timing being incorporated? Do we need to download the project once again and publish it to have this feature enabled? Also for last 2 days the messages are coming at an interval of 6 hours which means only 4 messages in 24 hours.

Probably because of this https: Maybe you could add a simple spreadsheet to your Google Drive project and pull the stock price s from there, instead of from the FinanceApp function? Thanks for trying, if you what are options trading hours of london stock exchange gdrive. Thanks for the awesome tip. Let me know the feedback.

Works a treat, thanks: Thanks for the hat tip, too. To be frank never knew that this app had a good number of users, nice to know. Now click the authorize button from the pop up then click Grant access and finally press close. Please let me know clear. Am anxious and hopeful will work as well as the old one. I had tweaked the old script what are options trading hours of london stock exchange gdrive give me 1 update per day 1 hour after the market opened. I changed this script to do the same so will have to wait to see if it works in a couple of days.

Thanks much for your continued work on this script and for figuring out a workaround. Thanks a lot for the feedback. Tried going back to your original script without adding the tweaks I mentioned earlier and copied and pasted as per your instructions.

Continued errrors every hour like clock work. Problem seems to be in the spreadsheet portion of your code. Not sure if problem lies in your code or in the copy that I create from your template. I am able to get current stock prices via Google Sheets so I know sheets are working, and connection is fine.

Is it possible the active cell is either protected or otherwise unavailable to access?

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