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How do I know how much available balance I have for online trading? Who is BPI Trade? With BPI Trade, you have access to real-time market information, online order placement, portfolio management and research at a what is bpi direct stock trade account of a button.

Provide superior, objective, and expert investment advice by mobilizing and maximizing its internal and external resources thereby assisting customers to formulate informed judgment and reach sound investment decisions. Incorporate brokers' best practices and highest standard of corporate governance, thereby maximizing value for stockholders. The Bank of the Philippine Islands, founded inis one of the country's largest Unibanks. Bonilla Chief Operating Officer. Ongpin Head, Institutional Sales.

Simpao Senior Compliance Officer. Torres Head, Client Relations. How can I get more information about your company products and services? How do I open an account? After accomplishing all the documentary requirements and obtaining verification what is bpi direct stock trade account the branch, clients have the option to: Who can open an account with BPI Trade? Can foreigners open an account with BPI Trade?

If yes, what are the what is bpi direct stock trade account Please bring at least one 1 of the following accepted valid IDs expired IDs will not be accepted: Yes, you can open a Joint Account up to four 4 members.

Please make sure that apart from the duly-signed online application form, applicants should submit one of the following forms per account holder: We only see two 2 fields for account names, where does the other account holder input their application form details? For joint accounts with 3 to 4 account names, you may request for the manual account opening form from the Client Relations or BPI Trade Applications team and ask for further instructions.

To request for the form, please contact our Client Relations team through the following channels: You may email bpitradeapplications bpi. Students who are 18 years old and above may apply. What is the minimum investment required to open an what is bpi direct stock trade account There is no minimum investment required to open a BPI Trade account. However, what is bpi direct stock trade account you can purchase shares of stock, you must first deposit funds into your BPI Trade Account number.

Do I bring the money when I have my documents signature verified or send it along with my account opening form? If I have problems in opening an account, or questions about the status of my application, who do I contact? Upon receipt of your account opening forms and requirements, it takes trading days to open your BPI Trade Online account. Once your application is approved and your account is opened, you will be receiving an email confirmation with your User ID.

Once your account application has been approved, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered e-mail address where instructions on how to view your BPI Trade Settlement Account number will be included. Once you get your BPI Trade Settlement account number, you may proceed in depositing through the following channels: Through Expressphone or the ATM: I deposited money to my BPI Trade account number but my cash position is still zero 0.

Any deposits made beyond How do I change any of my account information e. If you have more than one 1 account, or if you are one of the account holders of a joint account, the same Client Record will be linked to these accounts.

If you are the principal account holder of a joint account, the following account information will be based on your Client Record: I have changes to my contact and account information and what is bpi direct stock trade account my Branch of Account to update my records.

Clients should notify BPI Trade separately regarding any changes to account and contact information. I have updated my civil status from Single to Married. You will also need to submit a photocopy of your Marriage Certificate to support the change of Civil Status and name.

Do note that your Branch of Account will also need to be notified of the change. BPI Trade sends out notices every year to remind clients to update their contact and account information details. How do I view my Stock Position online? You can view your Current Stock Position online by accessing your Portfolio page. Your stock positions are immediately credited once a buy order has been matched, while placing a sell order will immediately reduce your position regardless if the Sell Order is Matched.

The earmarking is lifted once a Sell order is Cancelled. Shares earmarked for the unmatched Sell Orders will revert to your Stock position after market closes.

Your holdings are valued at average cost, which is the average purchase price inclusive of commission fees and other charges. Log on to www. Where does my withdrawn funds go? Your funds are transferred to the regular deposit account you nominated in your application form Beneficiary Account in BPI which is either a Savings or Checking Account. When will my withdrawn funds be transferred to my Beneficiary account number?

There is a If withdrawal request is made before Requests submitted after the My withdrawable cash balance is less than my Buying Power. What is bpi direct stock trade account may have a selling transaction already added to your buying power. How do I change my password? Login to your account using your newly nominated password Tip: Use a Password that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

What are the password requirements? Minimum of 7 characters Maximum of 20 characters At least 1 Upper Case e. BPI At least 1 Number e. What what is bpi direct stock trade account I forget my user id or password? You may request for your user ID or password reset through the following channels: This requirement is crucial in making sure that your account is protected.

No matching of Orders can occur during this period, but Trading Participants TPs can enter, modify or cancel Orders, which will be processed based on the pre-opening algorithm. TPs are allowed to enter Orders but cannot cancel or modify Orders during this period. The period when Opening Price for all Securities is calculated. During this period, the Order book is frozen and Order entry, modification and cancellation by TPs are not allowed.

During this period, trading for all Securities is halted. TPs cannot post, modify or cancel Orders during this period. This period operates what is bpi direct stock trade account the same way as the period what is bpi direct stock trade account Continuous Trading. This period is the same as the Pre-Open Auction Period. During this period, TPs can enter, modify or cancel Orders.

During this period, TPs are allowed to enter Orders but cannot cancel or modify Orders. What can I what is bpi direct stock trade account What are Market Segments and how do they differ?

The Odd Lot Market is where orders with volume or quantity less than the defined Board lot are traded. Tick on Odd Lot when posting Odd Lot orders. What types of orders can I place? When you place an order, you will have to specify a limit price or specific price and not a price range for the order.

Unfulfilled orders are automatically removed from the system at the close of trading for the day except for GTW and GTM orders. What are the rules in posting an order? The price of an order should always be within the Trading Thresholds. Please note the following: Partial matching of odd lot orders will be allowed Odd lot orders will no longer be subjected to minimum commission Odd lot order posting will only be allowed during Continuous Trading Period Odd lot market will have its own closing price but will adopt the price of the Normal market during opening.

Click here for the direct link to the document. Complete the required information and click "Preview Order" to put in your order; required information includes Buy or Sell, Stock Symbol, Volume, and Price. The succeeding page will display the order information and ask you to confirm if the details are correct. If your order details are correct, what is bpi direct stock trade account will then be required to confirm your order by re-typing your password and then submitting your order.

How do I know the status of my orders? The status of your order can be viewed in View Orders under the Trading tab. Are there any monthly fees that we need to pay? If the computation resulted to an amount less than Php1.

How do I pay for my purchases?

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