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As of today, winter solsticeI have been driving electric vehicles for ten straight years and generating the electricity for zanandi trading options from sunlight.

When I sold it to an engineer in San Francisco last year, it had 91, miles on the odometer and was still getting a full miles to a charge. It ran exactly the same as the day we bought it. I understand it is still running fine, although the range is starting to fade. Not bad for a decade old car! Zan my former wife and current friend and I taking delivery of our RAV ten years ago today!

I also sold my wonderful Vectrix electric scooter, the first one in southern California to a friend in Eugene, OR. I replaced it with a fantastic Zero ZF9 electric motorcycle. After so many years driving the only EV I could get my hands on, I find myself upgrading to better EVs with alarming regularity.

While we EV enthusiasts will always be impatient until the adoption rate reaches the point we know it ultimately will, these early days of the new market give us much to celebrate, like having any plug-in car available to buy at all. Only some 1, were saved and they are pretty much all still running fine a decade later. We have over 50, plug-in cars on U. There are at least 12 plug-in models available for purchase or lease today, and this time zanandi trading options year, there will be close to Plug In America is to be commended for its part in zanandi trading options this happen.

I hope many of you consider this when deciding where to contribute your year end non-profit giving. Your email address will not be published. More information about EAA is available at electricauto. Take Action Vehicles Policy. Leave zanandi trading options Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

How Can I Get Zanandi trading options Drive an electric vehicle. Write Your Elected Officials.

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I am not a gamer. I do not game. This is my chant to ward off the time pit that is gaming, but last night it failed me. I played TF2 until 3: Starcraft, Half-Life 2 and Episode 1 , half of Doom 3, and twice through the Warcraft 3 single-player campaign summarize my gaming experiences over the last three years. Yet Team Fortress 2 has sucked me in, and all I want today is another round of online fragging.

All nine characters you can choose from are hilarious caricatures with fitting taunts, and the narrative is glib. Or, play a support role as a medic heal and blast needles , sniper duh , or spy disguise yourself or use invisibility to knife some lemmings.

Icrontic — Home of the Big Beef Burrito since , fool. Sign In Become an Icrontian. TF2 will be the death of me. TF2 will be the death of me Lincoln Russell 20 Sep, at 9: I had your sniper back, Keebs. Just not very skillfully. This is a great game.

When you die and it zooms in to show you the face of your killer - if there are little pieces of you in the picture such as a blood smear there will be a little callout box with an arrow pointing to the bloody bit saying "bits of you! The graphics are such a refreshing change of pace. No dark, evil robots on dark, evil, mechanical backgrounds. You can SEE your enemies. Everything is bright and colorful. Each class has so much character. They are not faceless avatars, and yet you don't get so attached to them that you can't bring yourself to go on a suicide run as a spy or pyro.

Oh I could go on. All I'll say is: Glad we have more time to plan and play this game!!! The pace just feels right and the graphics are awesome.

I too am sitting here at working thinking about how much fun i could be having if i was just playing TF2. So far I think the engineer has been my favorite role. I am also loving the new steam community. It tells you whose in what game and lets you join them in the game they are currently in.

It was awesome when all of a sudden i was playing the game with a bunch of my friends and it was very easy to find the server they were on. The stats are a really great feature. It is very satisfying to see that you are getting better at a certain class and earning achievements. Last night I just earned the achievement of killing 10 people with one turret. I think most of them came from Ghoosdum lol.

Two thumbs way up on this game, if you are on the fence about buying it, stop what you are doing and go buy the game on steam. Then there's BF or whatever We should have time for 8 tournaments this LAN We pick 3 games Usually it wound up being UT2K4. If I have to choose, this year will be TF2. Had I planned better for the server problems Pass, I expect to see you this evening for your scheduled pwning. Not long after, I earned the 'Team Medic' achievement for playing the Medic too much.

I think my skills are best utilized in a non-combat role, even if it's not as action-packed some times. I need to work up on those skills The only thing that sucks is that the beta is so popular right now that all servers are too full for ALL of us to play on the same server.

Perhaps Icrontic needs a server. We seem to always be put on opposite teams And we've had scores to settle Mind you, he was running and jumping across the whole courtyard, but oh man did I have him in my sights; and he had no idea: I think I even saw Kiljaeden sign on today.

Everybody's always hatin' on the medics What happened to the Geneva conventions? Did anyone else notice that the sniper's taunts go from australian outback cowboy to bavarian yodeler? It works nicely to post a link to your community page. Mine seems obvious, I suppose. I'm still unable to download TF2. It says my purchase is still processing. They still haven't answered my support ticket. I'm so freaking mad. I finally started playing as an Engineer, and found that I really like the class.

The highlight of my Engineer career so far has been managed to successfully plant a teleporter exit right in the opposing team's Intelligence room. The game went very quickly after that: But as in real life, victory is impermanent: Do you see a pattern here? It was a lot of fun playing it in the same room with some of the people on my team. Death sure does arrive fast in this game. In sudden death after keebs bit it, he was spectating and calling the shots regarding where the opposing sniper was located, etc Sharkydart is one mean sniper Does the pc version play on the same server as Xbox?

Just trying to find out if I can get the pc version,then join you all in the game sometime when your playing. And where can you get the pc version TF2. All I see is the package deal. I've already have Half Life 2. And it says pre order Are you guys playing this on Xbox or pc? I'll post my Steam ID as soon as I get everything setup.

I have to reload HL2 to sign into steam account. Between that and the TF2 demo and other games I have loaded it will take up quite some space on the HD. The reason I'm asking is I'm running on my 36G raptor and like to keep some space on it.

Then when your purchase is verified this took a whole agonizing day for me you have the ability to install only TF2 if you want. You can save the HD space that way. It runs on the HL2 engine, so there is some overlap, but you don't have to install HL2 first. Just get the latest version from steampowered. I'd rather be sniping. I'll post my steam ID as soon as i get everything all set back up. It really cemented the fact that this is a team game that needs team strategy. In one example, we were defending control points.

Our team consisted of mostly heavies, medics, and snipers rushing up to the front to try to hold off the other team in their resupply point. I kept calling for engineers and pyros to protect them from spies It was a debacle. We got overrun in seconds. Mas0n and I bailed to another server and got wrapped up in another crappy team. The opposing team really knew what they were doing. They capture the intel twice in a row within about three minutes. We had no engineers in the intel room.

The one thing I noticed about the team was how well they coordinated activities over the voice chat. We defended the last capture point of the map for twenty minutes straight.

That was also the round that I got my "Grey Matter" badge. Twelve minutes between deaths as a sniper really racks up the headshot count.